RWE’s Polish Win: 66MW Solar Secured in CfD Milestone


RWE’s Green Milestone in Poland: Powering Up with 66MW of Solar Brilliance

               RWE is making a significant leap in Poland’s green energy landscape, having recently secured Contracts for Difference for an impressive 66MW of solar projects. This move, sanctioned by the Polish Energy Regulatory Office, marks a substantial expansion of RWE’s green portfolio in the region. The German energy giant’s portfolio is a diverse mix of small and medium-sized photovoltaic (PV) projects, each with its unique timeline for construction. A majority of these projects are set to begin in 2024, dotting the landscapes of Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Wielkopolskie, Łódzkie, and Dolnośląskie provinces. This expansion is part of a strategic acquisition, with many of these projects originating from Alpha Solar, a Polish company RWE took over in 2022. Katja Wünschel, RWE Renewables Europe & Australia’s Chief Executive, expressed enthusiasm about the venture: “Poland is one of our core growth markets with outstanding potential for both wind and solar power.

               We’re committed to playing a pivotal role in Poland’s energy transition, and these successful auction results are a testament to our growing influence in developing a substantial solar portfolio in the region.” Agnieszka Wojnarowska, who heads the development of onshore wind and solar at RWE Renewables Poland, highlighted the significance of this achievement: “Our success in these tenders not only cements our status as a leading renewables company but also secures a part of our revenue stream for the long term. Having been an active investor in Poland for over 15 years, RWE offers transparent collaboration and favorable conditions, making us a stable and long-term partner.” RWE’s presence in the Polish renewable energy sector isn’t new. The company already operates photovoltaic farms with a capacity of over 32MW across Zachodniopomorskie, Wielkopolskie, and Podlaskie provinces. With plans to broaden its investments and over 100MW of PV plants currently under construction, RWE is steadily moving towards a greener and more sustainable future in Poland. This expansion by RWE not only reinforces its commitment to renewable energy but also signifies a major stride in Poland’s journey towards a more sustainable energy landscape. The move is a clear indication of the growing importance of green energy in the global market and RWE’s role as a key player in this transformation.






Credits: [Image: Mongoose Energy/BSR]

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