Green Light For Iberdrola: Spain’s Revolutionary Hydro-PV Hybrid Project Approved!


Revolutionizing Renewable Energy: Iberdrola’s Trailblazing 86MW HIDRO Cedillo Project Gets Green Light!

               Exciting news from the renewable energy frontier: Iberdrola has just received environmental approval for its innovative 86MW HIDRO Cedillo hybrid project in Spain. This groundbreaking development marks a significant milestone as Spain’s first hydro-PV hybrid, located in the picturesque region of Cedillo, Extremadura. What makes this project a game-changer? Iberdrola reveals that hybridization is the key. By seamlessly integrating two different renewable technologies, the HIDRO Cedillo project is set to optimize grid usage and significantly minimize environmental impact. This dual-technology approach reduces reliance on unpredictable environmental conditions and addresses resource scarcity issues like lack of wind or sunlight. The result? A more stable, efficient, and reliable renewable energy production.

               But that’s not all. Iberdrola is not stopping here. Hot on the heels of this approval, the company announced plans to construct Spain’s first hybrid wind-solar plant in Burgos. This move underlines their commitment to investing in hybrid technology in the coming years, aiming to enhance renewable resources and maximize the potential of existing sites.Extremadura is emerging as a key player in Iberdrola’s growth strategy in Spain. With nearly 5200MW installed capacity, of which a staggering 4100MW are from renewable sources including hydroelectric, solar, and battery stations, the region is poised to be a renewable energy hub. Stay tuned as we watch Iberdrola lead the charge in revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape!

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Credits: [Image: Iberdrola]

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