Neoen Launches Pioneering 54MW Battery Project In Finland: Powering The Future With Innovation


Neoen Ignites a New Era in Energy Storage with the 54MW Yllikkälä Power Reserve Two in Finland

               Neoen, a global leader in renewable energy, has officially initiated the construction of the monumental 54MW Yllikkälä Power Reserve Two battery in Finland, marking a significant milestone in sustainable energy development. The company has entrusted Nidec, renowned for its expertise in storage solutions, with the comprehensive management of this project. Nidec will provide the vital components, including battery containers, cells, and inverters. Set to be the Nordics’ largest lithium-ion two-hour battery at 56.4MW/112.9MWh, this groundbreaking project is located strategically in Yllikkälä, just a stone’s throw from Neoen’s first major Finnish battery project. The Yllikkälä Power Reserve Two (YPR2), expected to be operational by early 2025, will connect to Fingrid’s substation via an underground cable, enhancing its operational efficiency.

               Neoen, adopting a develop-to-own approach, holds complete ownership of YPR2 and will manage its long-term operations. The battery will play a crucial role in Fingrid’s reserve markets, offering rapid-response ancillary services. This will not only help balance production and consumption but also bolster the frequency and security of the power system. Its operation is pivotal in integrating renewable energy assets seamlessly. As Neoen’s third battery venture in the Nordics, the company solidifies its position as a global pioneer with an impressive battery storage portfolio, encompassing 1489MW/3032MWh in operation or under construction. Jerri Loikkanen, Neoen’s country director for Finland, expressed gratitude towards Fingrid and the Lappeenranta municipality for their unwavering support. He emphasized Neoen’s commitment to boosting Finland’s energy independence and achieving carbon neutrality by 2035. Fingrid president and CEO Jukka Ruusunen highlighted the importance of electrification in reaching Finland’s climate goals. He acknowledged the need for increased flexibility in the expanding electricity system, with batteries being a key solution. Acting mayor of Lappeenranta, Tuomo Sallinen, echoed these sentiments, recognizing Neoen’s investment as vital to Lappeenranta’s ambitions in renewable energy and innovative green electrification. Neoen’s chairman and CEO, Xavier Barbaro, congratulated his team for their efforts in kickstarting this significant project. He underlined the critical role of storage in the energy transition, facilitating a greater share of renewable energy in the power mix. Barbaro affirmed Neoen’s dedication to accelerating the deployment of large-scale and long-duration batteries, not just in Finland but globally, to champion a cleaner energy future.

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Credits: [Image: Neon]

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