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EDF Renewables UK Calls on Cornwall Community to Shape the Future of Solar Energy with the Trelion Project

In a move that underscores community involvement in renewable energy, EDF Renewables UK is reaching out to the people of Cornwall, south-west England, for their insights on the proposed Trelion solar farm. This project, poised to generate 47.5MW of green energy, is not just about harnessing the power of the sun; it’s about integrating the voices of the local community into the fabric of sustainable development.

Strategically located to the north of Grampound Road and west of St Stephen, the Trelion project is a beacon of future energy potential. EDF Renewables UK is opening its doors for public consultation from Wednesday, 31 January to Friday, 23 February. This period is a golden opportunity for local residents to express their views, share feedback, and contribute to the planning process ahead of the submission to Cornwall Council later this year.

Mark your calendars! Two in-person consultation events are scheduled at St Stephen Community Centre on Monday, 5 February, and Tuesday, 6 February. These events are a unique chance to meet the project team, delve into detailed information, raise questions, and be part of a collaborative journey towards a greener future. Everyone is welcome to attend and be a part of this exciting initiative.

EDF Renewables UK isn’t just focusing on solar energy generation. The company is dedicated to ensuring the Trelion Solar Farm fosters local benefits. Picture this: a fund of £19,000 annually to support community projects for the 40-year lifespan of the solar array. This initiative exemplifies a commitment to not just environmental sustainability but also to local prosperity.

The plan involves more than just solar panels. EDF Renewables UK is committed to maintaining the natural beauty of the area, with efforts to preserve existing trees and hedges. Additionally, the project will enhance biodiversity through the creation of new wildflower meadows, hedgerows, and trees.

A grid connection for the project is already secured, backed by extensive ecological and feasibility studies, ensuring that the Trelion Solar Farm is not just a concept but a well-prepared blueprint ready to contribute to the UK’s climate change targets and the transition to a green energy future.

Grant Folley, Head of Origination and Planning at EDF Renewables UK, shares his enthusiasm: “This is a great site for a solar farm, with plenty of sun and an agreed grid connection, meaning that the project is well prepared to contribute to UK climate change targets and the transition to a green energy future. We are looking forward to sharing more detailed information about Trelion Solar Farm with the local community and listening to feedback about what else we can do to create a net-zero future where clean energy powers our lives.”

Key Takeaways:

  • EDF Renewables UK invites community feedback on the Trelion Solar Farm project.
  • The public consultation period offers a platform for community engagement and shaping the project.
  • The Trelion project is a holistic approach to renewable energy, combining solar power generation with biodiversity enhancement and community benefits.

Join the Discussion:

  • Share your thoughts and suggestions on the Trelion Solar Farm project.
  • How can community engagement shape the future of renewable energy projects?

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