Qualitas Energy Unveils Groundbreaking Credit Strategy: Financing The Future Of Clean Energy


Qualitas Energy Pioneers Next-Gen Financing with Launch of Innovative Credit Strategy

               In an exhilarating leap forward for renewable energy financing, Qualitas Energy, a titan in the renewables investment platform, has unveiled its latest venture: a cutting-edge credit strategy. This strategic move not only diversifies the firm’s portfolio but also marks a significant milestone since its inception in 2006. With five successful funds under its belt, Qualitas Energy has been a cornerstone in equity strategy. Now, it’s set to revolutionize the sector once more, heralding its evolution into a dynamic, multi-product asset manager that’s perfectly in tune with the pulse of market demands and investor expectations. The new credit strategy emerges as an independent powerhouse, leveraging Qualitas Energy’s formidable core strengths. These include an impressive track record in the energy transition sector, an innate ability to originate mid-market transactions, and unparalleled expertise in crafting flexible financing solutions. With a strategic local presence across key OECD regions and an in-depth industry understanding, Qualitas Energy stands on the cusp of uncovering strategic opportunities yet to be explored.

               At the forefront of this ambitious initiative is Severin Hiller, stepping in as Partner & Co-Head of Credit. Hiller, with over two decades of rich experience in the sector, is set to navigate the firm through this new chapter. Alongside him, Jose Maria Arzac will serve as Partner and Co-Head of Credit, boasting 20 years of specialized infrastructure credit experience since joining Qualitas Energy in 2020. From their strategic hubs in Madrid and London, the credit team is poised to make waves across the industry. Hiller expressed his enthusiasm about joining the Qualitas Energy team, emphasizing his commitment to leveraging the firm’s extensive capabilities in the energy transition value chain to champion a sustainable future. This strategic expansion signifies more than just growth; it represents Qualitas Energy’s unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the future of clean energy financing. As we watch this exciting journey unfold, it’s clear that the horizon holds bright prospects for renewable energy investments, driven by visionary leadership and a steadfast dedication to making a tangible impact on our planet’s future.

               Stay tuned as Qualitas Energy leads the charge in transforming the landscape of renewable energy financing, one innovative credit strategy at a time. #RenewableEnergy #SustainableFinance #InnovationInEnergy #QualitasEnergyExpansion







Credits: [Image: Qualitas Energy]

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