Orsted Commits To 81MW Solar Project In Ireland With Final Investment Decision


Ireland’s Green Energy Revolution: Orsted’s Pioneering Solar Venture in Garreenleen

               Orsted, a leader in sustainable energy solutions, has taken a monumental leap in Ireland’s renewable energy sector. The company has made a final investment decision (FID) on the first phase of an ambitious 81MW solar project. This groundbreaking initiative, named Garreenleen solar farm, is located merely 15km from the vibrant Carlow town and represents Orsted’s first-ever solar investment on Irish soil. Set to be operational by 2026, Garreenleen is not just a solar farm; it’s a beacon of Ireland’s green energy future. This project is poised to elevate Orsted’s operational capacity in Ireland to a staggering 500MW. This milestone was reached following the project’s triumph in the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme 3 (RESS 3) auction, held in September 2023. The RESS 3 was a resounding success for Orsted, with two of its projects, encompassing both wind and solar energy, totaling 124MW clearing the auction.

               What makes this project even more compelling is its economic feasibility. The RESS 3 auction witnessed an average strike price of €100.47 per megawatt-hour (MWh). This pricing is not only competitive but aligns seamlessly with similar green energy initiatives across Europe. Kieran White, Orsted’s senior vice president of onshore in Europe, shared his enthusiasm: “Solar energy is pivotal for Ireland’s transition to a fully green power system. We’re thrilled to commence our journey in Irish solar energy with the Garreenleen farm. While it’s our inaugural solar project here, our robust pipeline of other projects, advancing steadily in consenting and grid access stages, fuels our optimism for more such ventures.” Garreenleen stands out for its strategic location, boasting a short grid route to a strong meshed node in the national electricity network. This area is anticipated to face minimal grid constraints. Moreover, this investment isn’t just about the solar farm. It encompasses the installation of essential grid infrastructure, paving the way for a potential second phase of the project, which Orsted hopes to commit to in the upcoming year. Ireland is on the cusp of a green revolution, and Orsted’s Garreenleen solar farm is a shining example of the country’s commitment to a sustainable future. As we move closer to 2026, the eyes of the world will be on Garreenleen, a symbol of progress, innovation, and hope for a greener planet.







Credits: [Image: Orsted]

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