Ib Vogt Secures Virtual Power Purchase Agreements In Spain


Solar Power Takes a Giant Leap: Ib Vogt’s Landmark Virtual PPAs in Spain

               In an exciting development for the renewable energy sector, international solar developer Ib Vogt has announced a groundbreaking move. They have secured virtual Power Purchase Agreements (vPPAs) with two scientific powerhouses, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Eurofins Scientific. This deal is not just a transaction, but a significant stride towards sustainable energy solutions. Thermo Fisher Scientific is set to receive 91MW, while Eurofins Scientific will benefit from a 36MW capacity. The source of this clean energy? The impressive 174MWp Serbal solar power plant, a gem in Ib Vogt’s crown, strategically positioned in Spain. This isn’t just a solar farm; it’s a beacon of modern engineering and environmental responsibility. Ib Vogt isn’t only developing this project; they are bringing it to life, constructing it with cutting-edge technology and a vision for a greener future. What’s particularly notable is the utilization of the solar farm’s remaining capacity. The surplus electricity won’t go to waste; instead, it will be channelled into the wholesale market, maximizing the potential of every sunbeam captured.

               Here’s a game-changer: the vPPA will revolutionize the energy footprint of Thermo Fisher’s continental European sites. Over half of them will transition to 100% renewable energy, marking a significant leap towards the company’s ambitious Net Zero goal. This switch is more than a policy; it’s a commitment to a sustainable future. The timeline? We’re looking at early 2025, when the Serbal solar farm is expected to hit its commercial stride. Nestled west of Segovia in Castile and León, this solar farm isn’t just a plot of land with panels. It’s a powerhouse slated to generate approximately 328GWh of pristine solar electricity annually. Imagine harnessing the sun’s power with an innovative single-axis tracking system and bifacial modules. That’s not just engineering; it’s art. The impact? Immense. The Serbal project isn’t just producing energy; it’s redefining energy consumption standards. It’s the equivalent of powering 83,000 households and slashing 71,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually over its 30-year lifespan. This isn’t just a project; it’s a legacy for our planet. Anton Milner, the visionary CEO of Ib Vogt, expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort that made this vPPA possible. His thanks especially went to Thermo Fisher and Eurofins Scientific for their role in propelling Spain’s energy transition. Milner’s words resonate with a sense of pride and purpose: corporate PPAs are more than deals; they are partnerships for a sustainable future. Ib Vogt isn’t just in the business of creating solar farms; they are in the business of powering sustainable transformations, one project at a time, for companies and communities across Spain. This isn’t just a story about solar power; it’s a narrative of hope, collaboration, and a brighter, cleaner future for all.






Credits: [Image: Ib Vogt]

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