Orsted And Bloomberg Ignite The Future: Sealing An 80MW Solar Power Deal In The US


Illuminating a Greener Future: Bloomberg and Orsted’s Groundbreaking 80MW Solar PPA in Texas

In a landmark move, Bloomberg has joined forces with Orsted to sign a momentous US solar power purchase agreement for 80MW. This visionary partnership is set to be fueled by the Mockingbird Solar Center, a colossal 471MW project currently taking shape near Paris, Texas. This initiative isn’t just about power generation; it’s about setting a precedent in the renewable energy landscape.

The Mockingbird Solar Center is Orsted’s largest solar undertaking in the US to date. But what sets it apart is its dual mission: generating renewable energy while championing environmental conservation. This project is Orsted’s first to intertwine energy production with the protection of native tallgrass prairie, a significant ecological step.

Bloomberg, alongside other corporate powerhouses like Covestro and Royal DSM, is one of four corporate customers committed to purchasing power from the Mockingbird Solar Center. This collaboration has catapulted the project to a fully contracted status for its entire 471MW capacity.

Rewinding to 2016, Bloomberg took a decisive step by joining the RE100 initiative. This global commitment by businesses to source 100% of their electricity from renewable energy has been a driving force behind Bloomberg’s sustainable vision. By 2022, Bloomberg had already made impressive strides, securing 192,533 MWh of renewable energy from 11 projects, covering over half of its global electricity needs.

With the Mockingbird Solar Center, Bloomberg is on track to cover 100% of its US electricity consumption and 80% of its global electricity needs through renewable sources. “We look forward to partnering with Orsted on the purchase of renewable energy to progress our RE100 target while also meaningfully contributing to conservation efforts,” said Dave Wildman, Global Head of Facilities, Sustainability Ops, and MEP Infrastructure at Bloomberg.

One remarkable aspect of the Mockingbird Solar Center is its collaboration with The Nature Conservancy (TNC). This partnership aims to preserve nearly 1000 acres of rare, native tallgrass prairie adjacent to the project. Orsted’s commitment extends beyond energy, as they plan to donate a significant portion of the Smiley-Woodfin National Prairie Grassland to TNC upon the project’s completion.

The Mockingbird Solar Center is not just a symbol of progress but also a beacon of economic growth, creating 500 jobs during peak construction and projected to inject $215m into the local economy over its lifespan.

This pioneering project is a testament to Orsted’s growing presence in Texas, adding to its portfolio of 12 wind, solar, and storage projects, symbolizing a staggering $3bn investment in the Lone Star State.

Key Highlights:

  • Bloomberg and Orsted’s 80MW solar PPA is powering up the future of renewable energy.
  • The Mockingbird Solar Center merges energy production with environmental conservation.
  • This project contributes significantly to Bloomberg’s commitment to 100% renewable energy usage in the US.

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