Statkraft And Better Energy Forge Solar Power Milestone With New PPA In Poland


Statkraft and Better Energy Amplify Solar Synergy in Poland with Strategic Power Purchase Agreements

               In an ambitious move that marks a significant step forward for Poland’s renewable energy landscape, Statkraft, Norway’s renewable energy giant, and Better Energy, a leading green power developer, have deepened their collaboration. This partnership is set to illuminate Poland with clean energy, following the signing of new power purchase agreements (PPAs) that underscore a shared commitment to a sustainable future. At the heart of this green alliance is the Krapkowice solar park, now grid-connected and shining bright as a beacon of renewable potential. Under the new PPAs, Statkraft will harness green energy from this solar powerhouse for the next decade, tapping into its capacity to generate 30GWh of renewable energy annually. This is not just energy; it’s a promise of a cleaner, greener tomorrow. The roots of this partnership trace back to 2021 with a groundbreaking PPA for the Resko solar park, boasting an expected annual production of 40GWh. Building on this foundation, Statkraft and Better Energy expanded their collaboration with a market access agreement for two additional solar marvels: Helenowo and Nidzica. These parks, already feeding the grid, bring an impressive combined annual capacity of 149GWh into the fold.

               With these four solar parks now linked by this partnership, Statkraft’s commitment to offtake 150GWh of green energy from Better Energy’s installations marks a pivotal moment in Poland’s energy transition. This collaboration is not just about generating renewable energy; it’s about weaving a greener fabric into the country’s energy tapestry. Mikkel Thorup, Director of PPAs at Better Energy, reflects on the significance of this expanded partnership: “Joining forces with Statkraft, one of Europe’s renewable energy pillars, represents a leap forward for Better Energy in Poland. It heralds a new chapter for the Polish energy transition.” Thorup highlights the critical role of PPAs in bolstering renewable energy production, mitigating reliance on fossil fuels, and enabling companies to tap into affordable green energy.

               This partnership is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration in the renewable energy sector. As Statkraft and Better Energy continue to forge paths towards sustainability, their efforts shine as a beacon of hope for Poland’s green future. The journey of these solar parks from mere blueprints to bastions of clean energy exemplifies the potential for renewable resources to redefine our energy landscape. As we celebrate this milestone, let’s remember that every watt of green energy generated not only lights up our homes but also ignites the spark for a sustainable revolution across the globe. #RenewableEnergy #SolarPower #GreenTransition #SustainableFuture #PolandEnergyRevolution







Credit: [Image: Better Energy]

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