TagEnergy Ignites The Future: Achieving Financial Milestone For Revolutionary Scottish Battery Project


 TagEnergy’s Trailblazing Journey: Energizing Scotland with the Pitkevy BESS Project

In the scenic expanse of Fife, Scotland, a revolution in energy storage is taking place, heralded by TagEnergy’s latest milestone: the financial closure of the Pitkevy facility. This marks not just another chapter in TagEnergy’s ambitious expansion across the UK but a significant leap towards sustainable energy solutions. With this being their sixth battery energy storage system (BESS) project in the country, TagEnergy is lighting up the path to a greener future with innovation and strategic partnerships.

 Financing the Future of Energy

The Pitkevy project, boasting an impressive 49.9MW/99.8MWh capacity, has secured a pioneering green loan package of up to £70m. This financial feat was accomplished with the support of Santander UK, Rabobank, and Triple Point, under a fully merchant basis, showcasing a bold move towards financing the future of renewable energy. The project benefits from an innovative funding structure that was initially crafted for the Lakeside BESS project, featuring an uncommitted accordion facility that facilitated the inclusion of Pitkevy.

 A Symphony of Partnerships

TagEnergy’s venture into the BESS landscape is distinguished by its first split-contract project, featuring Tesla’s cutting-edge Megapack 2 XL battery system. This strategic collaboration, coupled with RJ McLeod’s expertise in site works and installation, underscores the project’s groundbreaking approach to energy storage.

Further strengthening this venture are partnerships with Flexitricity, serving as the route to market and battery optimiser, and RES, an independent renewable energy company, appointed as the asset manager. This ensemble of expertise ensures that the Pitkevy facility is not just an energy project, but a beacon of innovation and sustainability.

 A United Front for a Sustainable Future

The financing and execution of the Pitkevy project reflect a united front of financial, technical, and operational partners committed to advancing the UK’s energy transition. The involvement of IDCM, TLT, Burges Salmon, Aurora Energy Research, Everoze, WTW, Ester, and RSM in arranging the debt and providing advisory services highlights the collaborative effort to bring this project to life.

Franck Woitiez, Chief Executive at TagEnergy, encapsulates the essence of this initiative, stating, “We are proud to leverage this landmark debt package to bring another facility to life as we work to add stability to the grid and accelerate the energy transition towards net zero.” This sentiment echoes TagEnergy’s commitment to not just expanding their footprint in the UK, but doing so in a manner that benefits both people and the planet.

 Energizing the Future

As TagEnergy’s secured portfolio reaches an impressive 320MW, the Pitkevy facility stands as a testament to the potential of renewable energy storage in supporting the grid and fostering a sustainable future. This project is more than just a technological achievement; it’s a step towards realizing the vision of a net-zero world, powered by innovative solutions and strategic collaborations.

In a world eager for sustainable energy solutions, TagEnergy’s Pitkevy project in Fife, Scotland, is not just a beacon of progress but a blueprint for the future of energy storage and renewable resources. Let’s watch as this initiative sparks a revolution, powering our homes, our communities, and our future with clean, reliable energy.

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