Solar Power Unleashed: PNE’s 240MW South African Project Finds A New Home

Powering Progress: PNE’s 240MW Solar Project Sold to NOA Group in South Africa’s Khauta Venture

PNE, a leading player in renewable energy solutions, has just sealed a major deal with South African energy giant NOA Group. The Khauta solar project, set to bloom in Free State province, represents a significant leap towards cleaner, sustainable power in the region.

As Markus Lesser, PNE’s CEO, puts it, “Our partnership with NOA is a step towards a greener, more secure energy future. South Africa’s dynamic market offers immense potential for clean energy, and we’re proud to be part of this transformative journey.”

For NOA Group, the Khauta project marks a pivotal entry into large-scale solar ventures, a move geared towards addressing South Africa’s energy challenges head-on. Karel Cornelissen, NOA’s CEO, expresses enthusiasm, stating, “We’re committed to bridging the energy gap and driving meaningful change in the region.”

With projects like Khauta, PNE continues its legacy of innovation and impact in South Africa’s renewable energy landscape, paving the way for a brighter, sustainable tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates on their green energy endeavors! #RenewableEnergy #KhautaSolar #SustainableFuture








Credits: [Image: PNE]

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