ABO Wind Ignites Progress On Spanish Solar Oasis

ABO Wind’s Solar Marvel: Unveiling the Valdezorita Solar Farm in Spain’s Heartland

ABO Wind is blazing trails with its 50MW solar farm under construction in central Spain, set to connect to the grid at the site of a former nuclear power plant.

Dubbed the Valdezorita solar farm, this marks ABO Wind’s maiden turnkey project in Spain, situated in Yebra municipality, Castilla La-Mancha. Boasting 87,000 modules, this ground-mounted photovoltaic system promises an annual production of 100GWh.

Construction kicked off in January, progressing seamlessly as mounting systems and panels are set for installation this summer. Anticipate the grand debut of this eco-gem by early 2025.

Patricia Comes Salvador, ABO Energy España’s managing director, beams about the project’s swift four-year development, applauding the fruitful collaboration with locals and authorities. This endeavor not only fosters sustainable energy but also bolsters the region’s economy through substantial contracts with Spanish subcontractors.

The solar farm’s grid capacity factors in socio-economic and environmental merits, compensating for the closure of the former nuclear plant. Environmental initiatives, from eagle tracking to habitat enhancements for steppe birds, underscore ABO Wind’s commitment to eco-conscious operations.

This solar spectacle, employing tracker technology for optimal sun orientation, represents ABO Wind’s largest tracker-equipped project yet.

Financed with substantial investments and supported by long-term power purchase agreements, this venture symbolizes ABO Wind’s dedication to renewable energy’s growth.

Stay tuned for more updates on ABO Energy España’s renewable revolution as the company embarks on a transformative journey! 🌞 #SolarInnovation #RenewableEnergyLeadership #EcoRevolution








Credit: [Image: ABO Wind]

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