Voltalia Breaks Ground On 126MW Solar Project In Uzbekistan

               Voltalia is igniting a renewable revolution in Uzbekistan as it breaks ground on its groundbreaking 126MW solar and battery project, Sarimay. Set to illuminate the nation’s energy landscape, Sarimay is poised for commissioning in the latter half of 2025. But Voltalia’s ambitions don’t stop there. With two new strategic partnerships inked, the Sarimay project will now boast a 50MW battery, enhancing its energy storage capabilities. Meanwhile, a mammoth 500MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is on the horizon, promising to power Uzbekistan’s future with sustainable vigor. This power-packed endeavor stems from a momentous 25-year power purchase contract secured in 2022 through an IFC-managed tender, under the World Bank’s umbrella. To fuel this transformative vision, Voltalia has teamed up with heavyweight financiers like the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

               Nestled within the vibrant Khorezm region, the solar power plant is just the beginning of a multi-energy saga. Plans for a 50MW battery storage unit are swiftly materializing, set to kick off construction in 2024. Additionally, whispers of a future 100MW wind farm are surfacing, hinting at a holistic energy ecosystem in the making. Bolstering its commitment, Voltalia recently penned a monumental memorandum of understanding at the Tashkent International Investment Forum. This landmark agreement paves the way for a colossal 500MW battery storage complex, backed by a steadfast long-term sales contract. The tripartite alliance between the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade (MIFT), and Voltalia is a testament to their collective vision: propelling Uzbekistan’s renewable prowess forward while ensuring grid stability and sustainability.

               Voltalia’s CEO, Sebastien Clerc, encapsulates the spirit of this transformative journey: “Our strides in Sarimay and the visionary storage complex underscore our unwavering dedication to Uzbekistan’s energy evolution. These initiatives epitomize our mission to spearhead innovative solutions that catalyze decarbonization and energize the nation’s future.” 💡🌍 #VoltaliaInUzbekistan #RenewableEnergyRevolution








Credit: [Image: Voltalia]

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