Shining Bright In Finland: Fotowatio Ventures Into PV Market

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) Enters Finnish Market with Ambitious 600MW Solar Pipeline

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), a subsidiary of Jameel Energy, has announced a significant expansion into the Finnish market in collaboration with local operator Will & Must. Together, they aim to develop an impressive 600MW solar pipeline, a project set to reach the “ready to build” phase between 2024 and 2026.

This venture marks FRV’s first foray into the Nordic countries, underscoring the company’s dedication to a sustainable future. By partnering with industry experts like Will & Must, FRV is poised to bring its vast experience and expertise to Finland. This move follows FRV’s recent entry into the German market, where it aims to power 800,000 homes with solar energy.

Andrea Fontana, FRV Europe Managing Director, expressed enthusiasm about the project: “We are delighted to offer our international experience and expertise in promising new markets like Finland. This is one of the most promising markets for renewable energy, and we are convinced that our offerings will be in high demand.”

The founding team of Will & Must, including Matti Parpala, Mikke Vepsäläinen, and Anssi Voipio, shared their excitement: “We eagerly anticipate reducing Finland’s emissions and accelerating the green transition with FRV. Their extensive experience in large-scale projects will be invaluable to the Finnish photovoltaic market. We aim to demonstrate the benefits to local landowners and communities, ensuring social acceptance and efficient project construction.”

The Nordic countries are increasingly embracing photovoltaics and solar power, complementing their existing wind-driven energy systems. Finland, in particular, offers abundant land, favorable solar irradiation conditions, extended daylight hours during summer, and the reflective properties of snow, which enhances solar efficiency. Additionally, photovoltaic cells perform better in colder environments, making Finland an ideal location for solar energy projects.

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Credit: [Image: Fotowatio Renewable Ventures]

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