GreenGo Lights Up Italy With New Solar PPA

GreenGo Illuminates Sasol Italy’s Future with Landmark Solar PPA! #RenewableEnergy #Italy 🇮🇹

GreenGo is making a splash in Italy’s energy transition! They’ve just inked a groundbreaking agreement with Sasol Italy, a major industrial player, to supply clean electricity to their facilities. ☀️

Here’s what makes this deal so exciting:

  • Powering Progress: GreenGo will harness the sun’s power with five photovoltaic (PV) plants across three Italian regions, delivering a total of 24.5MW of clean energy.
  • Long-Term Commitment: This isn’t a short-term fix. The 10-year agreement ensures a stable and sustainable energy future for Sasol Italy.
  • Win-Win Solution: GreenGo secures its first Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) on the path to becoming an Independent Power Producer (IPP), while Sasol Italy gets to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

This innovative pricing system takes center stage:

  • Dynamic Pricing: GreenGo has crafted a dynamic pricing system that offers both parties flexibility and stability, mitigating potential price shocks.
  • Guaranteed Production: A floor price ensures GreenGo’s investment is protected, guaranteeing electricity production.

This deal is a shining example of collaboration for a greener future. GreenGo’s Carlos R Zanol emphasizes the importance of “economic sustainability” and achieving “bankability” for their investment.

Sasol Italy’s Sebastiano Durante echoes this sentiment, highlighting their commitment to “sustainability” and “reducing emissions.”

This partnership is a beacon of hope! By joining forces, GreenGo and Sasol Italy are paving the way for a cleaner and brighter energy future in Italy. #SolarPower  #Photovoltaics #EnergyTransition #SustainabilityGoals #CorporatePartnership #CleanEnergySolutions








Credit: [Image: GreenGo Energy]

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