Sun-Powered Surge: EU’s Solar Platform Secures A Whopping €213 Million In Financing!


Energizing the Future: Alantra and Solarig’s €213M Solar Revolution

In a groundbreaking move, Alantra Solar, the dynamic duo of Alantra and Solarig, is revolutionizing the solar energy landscape. They’ve recently hit a major milestone in their ambitious 1900MW solar photovoltaic investment venture, securing a staggering €213 million in debt financing. This monumental funding is set to kickstart the construction of the first 306MW of their solar project.

The partnership struck gold with a financing agreement led by Rabobank, acting as the Bookrunner and Coordinator. This alliance includes a powerhouse of financial institutions: ABN AMRO, BNP Paribas, Commerzbank, and Cooperatieve Rabobank, all coming together to fuel this solar dream.

But there’s more! In just one year, Solarig has not only completed but also connected the first 16MW solar plant to the grid. Located in the sun-kissed southern Spain, in Zafra (Badajoz), this project is separately financed by Caja Rural de Soria.

This venture is more than just panels and wires; it’s a part of one of Europe’s largest solar development platforms. N-Sun Energy, supported by Swiss titan Reichmuth Infrastructure and French maestro Amundi Energy Transition, plans to acquire an impressive portfolio of 50 solar plants sprawled across Italy and Spain, all expertly developed by Solarig.

And there’s a twist: a significant chunk of these plants will boast advanced battery storage, marking a leap in sustainable energy storage.

By the end of 2025, the project aims to have all plants ready-to-build, and as we speak, the vehicle has already snapped up 597MW from Solarig.

With a total investment of a jaw-dropping €1.7 billion, comprising €700 million in equity and €1 billion in debt, this platform is not just a project; it’s a revolution.

Javier Mellado, the Managing Partner of Alantra Solar, encapsulates the essence of this journey: “Within just one year, our progress is evident: securing the financing for the first batch of plants marks a pivotal milestone for our project, as does the successful completion of the first photovoltaic plant, actively supplying electricity. This rapid pace propels our commitment to expedite the energy transition, while offering investors seeking solar energy opportunities a robust risk-return solution.”

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Credits: [Image: Alantra and Solarig]


Repsol Illuminates The Future: Launching A Groundbreaking Solar Project In Spain


Solar Power Revolution: Repsol’s Sigma Project Lights Up Andalusia with Sustainable Energy

               In an electrifying leap towards renewable energy, Repsol has ignited the Spanish energy landscape with its latest achievement: the 204MW Sigma PV project in the sun-drenched region of Andalusia, Spain. 🌞🔋 This ambitious project, backed by an impressive investment of nearly €150 million, is a beacon of innovation and sustainable development. The Sigma scheme, comprising five stellar plants – Arco 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 – is situated in the picturesque Jerez de la Frontera. These plants aren’t just marvels of engineering; they’re a testament to Repsol’s commitment to a greener future. 🌱💡

               As the final touches are being added, the Sigma plants, already grid-connected, are gearing up to generate a whopping 430GWh of renewable energy annually. That’s enough to power a small city! Repsol’s vision is not just about lighting homes; it’s about igniting change. 💪🌍 But Sigma’s impact goes beyond energy. During its construction phase, this project was a job-creation powerhouse, offering over 500 direct jobs. Recognized as a strategically significant investment by the Regional Government of Andalusia, Sigma stands as a pillar for regional development and a shining example of how renewable energy projects can fuel socioeconomic growth. 🚀👷‍♂️ Andalusia’s authorities have hailed Sigma for its potential to contribute significantly to territorial cohesion and local economic upliftment. This project is more than just panels and wires; it’s about community, growth, and a brighter future. 🌟🏘️ Sigma isn’t Repsol’s first rodeo in the solar arena. It follows the success of the 264MW Valdesolar project in Extremadura and the 126.6MW Kappa scheme in Manzanares. With a portfolio boasting 2041MW of wind, solar, and hydroelectric power, Repsol is painting Spain’s energy canvas with vibrant shades of green. 🎨🌬️ As we embrace this solar-powered journey, let’s celebrate the milestones achieved and anticipate the brighter, greener future that lies ahead. Join the conversation and spread the word about this sustainable energy revolution with #RepsolSolarSigma #GreenEnergySpain #SustainableFuture.









Credits: [Image: Repsol]