Powerful Partnership: Committing To Construct A 2GW Solar PV Portfolio

PPC Group and Mytilineos Forge a €2bn Solar Power Partnership Across Europe! 🌍☀️

Exciting news! PPC Group and Mytilineos Energy & Metals have joined hands in a groundbreaking Cooperation Framework Agreement worth up to €2bn. This collaboration will see the development and construction of a massive 2GW portfolio of solar projects across Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania over the next three years.

🔍 The Details:
– Mytilineos will spearhead the development and construction of approximately 90 solar projects in these countries.
– The projects, ranging from 445MW to 516MW, will be taken over by PPC Group upon completion and connection to the respective grids.
– Mytilineos’ proven track record in complex RES projects globally has instilled confidence in PPC, ensuring successful project execution.

For PPC Group, this agreement is a strategic move towards expanding its green energy presence in Southeastern Europe, aligning with its growth strategy.

🌿 Green Growth Ambitions:
– PPC Group aims to reach a total of 8.9GW of installed RES capacity by 2026.
– This partnership will enhance PPC’s presence in new markets, complementing its existing portfolio in Romania.

Mytilineos views this partnership as part of its broader international growth strategy. The company’s strong presence in global markets and extensive experience in RES projects ensure a seamless collaboration.

💬 What They Say:
Konstantinos Mavros, Deputy CEO of PPC Group: “This agreement creates value and consolidates our presence in Southeastern Europe.”
Ioannis Kalafatas, Energy CEO at Mytilineos: “A significant step towards a sustainable future, showcasing Greek entrepreneurship on a global scale.”

🚀 Exciting Times Ahead:
With a focus on sustainable energy corridors and innovative projects, PPC Group and Mytilineos are set to lead the way towards a greener future!

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Credit: [Image: Dulas]

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