Advocate For Public Ownership Of Renewable Energy In The UK

Politicians are being urged to prioritise people-owned power ahead of the next election to help drive the UK’s transition to renewable energy, according to a new manifesto published by Ripple Energy.

Ripple Energy is bringing thousands of members of the public together to co-own wind farms and solar parks, powering their homes with up to 100% green electricity and saving thousands of pounds on their bills. Currently, nearly all renewable energy projects in the UK are owned by large businesses, utility companies, and banks. Ripple aims to change this dynamic by ensuring that “real” people benefit from their very own source of low-cost clean electricity, no matter where they live or whether they rent or own their property. By empowering members of the public and democratizing renewable energy production, Ripple argues that the UK can achieve greater sustainability, energy security, and economic stability. To support this significant shift in the UK’s energy future, Ripple’s People Power Manifesto makes four calls to action for the next UK Government:

1. 20% Consumer Ownership: Ensure that all new green energy projects offer consumer ownership as standard, aiming for 20% consumer ownership in all new wind farms and solar parks.
2. Energy Levies: Exempt consumers from paying energy levies on power generated from their own unsubsidized wind farm or solar park.
3. Tax Relief: Introduce tax relief on all energy bill savings from self-owned green power, aligning collective ownership with home solar.
4. Inclusive Ownership: Provide interest-free loans for low-income households to ensure a just and inclusive green transition.

Ripple Energy’s Founder and Chief Executive, Sarah Merrick, emphasized the importance of this transition:”The UK’s energy landscape is changing, and its ownership needs to change too. It’s time to put people at the heart of the transition to a greener, cleaner, and cheaper power system. Consumer ownership can be huge. The next Government really needs to scale it up and enable everyone to get involved. By embracing people-owned power, we can ensure that the benefits of renewable energy are shared by all, creating a more equal and sustainable future.” Since 2018, Ripple has delivered two consumer-owned wind farms. A single turbine at Graig Fatha in Wales is owned by 900 members of the public, and an eight-turbine wind farm at Kirk Hill in Scotland is owned by 5,600 people. Kirk Hill Wind Farm is currently the UK’s largest consumer-owned renewable energy site, with the eight turbines generating for the first time this month.

In addition, a solar park is under construction at Derril Water in Devon, and a 14-turbine wind farm was announced last month at Whitelaw Brae in the Scottish Borders, with members of the public able to purchase a share before 31st May 2024. With Ripple Energy’s vision, the UK can pioneer a new era of public participation in renewable energy, ensuring a cleaner, greener, and more inclusive energy future for all. #RenewableEnergyRevolution #PeoplePower #GreenEnergyForAll #SustainableFuture #EnergyDemocracy #UKRenewables #CleanEnergyNow #PublicOwnership #EnergyTransition #ClimateActionNow #GreenEconomy #CommunityPower #RenewableRevolution #GreenTech #EcoFriendlyLiving #EnergyJustice #WindPower #SolarEnergy #Empowerment #GreenInvesting #RenewableOwnership #ClimateChangeSolutions #GreenTransition #EnergyEquality #RippleEnergy #ConsumerEmpowerment #EnergyInnovation








Credit: [Image: Ripple Energy]

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