Floating PV Pioneer Expands Horizons: New Office Launch In Japan

SolarDuck Sets Sail in Asia Pacific: New Tokyo Office to Lead Offshore Floating PV Expansion 

Floating PV developer SolarDuck has made a strategic move by opening an office in Tokyo to oversee its activities in the Asia Pacific region. This new hub marks a significant step forward as the company sets its sights on the rapidly maturing offshore energy industry in both East and Southeast Asia.

According to SolarDuck, these regions present attractive growth prospects that promise an exciting launchpad for offshore floating photovoltaic (OFPV) systems. The company’s co-founder and head of business development for Asia Pacific, Olaf de Swart, emphasized the immense potential of the region, stating, “Asia Pacific is a gigawatt scale opportunity, and we are committed to trailblazing the growth path for OFPV in the region. We have the technology, we have the footprint, and we are shaping the team to deliver on this vision.”

SolarDuck already has a strong presence in Asia, with operations in both Japan and Malaysia. One of the company’s notable achievements is the successful installation of the Teal demonstrator in Tokyo Bay, a project developed in collaboration with Tokyu Land Corporation and supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. This project showcases SolarDuck’s capability to execute complex installations efficiently.

In Malaysia, SolarDuck is working closely with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) on a promising offshore project near Tioman Island. These initiatives are not only advancing the adoption of OFPV in the region but also strengthening SolarDuck’s relationships with key partners.

To support its ambitious growth plans, SolarDuck is ramping up local hiring in Tokyo, aiming to build a robust team that can drive the company’s vision forward. With these strategic moves, SolarDuck is well-positioned to lead the OFPV revolution in Asia Pacific, paving the way for a sustainable and innovative energy future.

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Credit: [Image: SolarDuck]

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